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20% + 30% OFF on GrabFood!

From 16th February to 7th March 2021, our set meals 1 and 2 will be selling at a 20% DISCOUNT on GrabFood and GrabFood only! Each set comes with 2 bowls of Regular Ramen, 1 serving of 5pcs Hakata Style Pan-Fried Gyoza, 1 serving of Sweet Corn Tempura and 2 glasses of refreshing Coca-Colas! All for RM65 ONLY (N/P: RM83)!!

And when you spend RM25 and above, go ahead and take an additional 30% OFF your order (capped at RM8) with the promo code SIGNATURES!

Available on all IPPUDO stores on GrabFood, find these deals on there now! –

Set 1 Set 2

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