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Our biggest ONE-DAY SALE is almost here and this year, we have awesome deals lined up for you on both your favourite shopping platforms! 😎 Especially for our Shopee deal, because TONIGHT (10/11) is our PRELAUNCH SPECIAL happening at 12AM sharp! 🕛

⭐ BUY 1, FREE 1 @ RM49.90 ONLY!

BUY 1x Shiromaru Special + 1x 3pcs Gyoza, FREE 1x Akamaru Special + 1x 3pcs Gyoza Total: 1x Shiromaru Special, 1x Akamaru Special and 2x servings of 3pcs Hakata-Style Gyoza!

As for our Lazada deal, stay tuned for below - launching in 2 days!

⭐ BUY 1, FREE 1 @ RM48.00 ONLY!

BUY any 1x Special Ramen* + 1x Pork Bun, FREE any 1x Special Ramen* + 1x Pork Bun Total: 2x Any Special Ramen* + 2x Pork Buns! *Special Ramen options: Shiromaru Special, Akamaru Special, Karaka Special, Ippudo Kuro Special, Hojun Shoyu Special, Niku Soba Special, Spicy Niku Soba Special, Aka Shoyu Special, Kuro Shoyu Special

Two irresistible BUY 1 FREE 1 deals - why choose one when you have two?! 2️⃣ Get a headstart on our Shopee 11.11 deal tonight with LIMITED STOCKS AVAILABLE and stay tuned for Lazada's! 🙌🏻

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