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GrabFood HOTDEALS 50% off

Wasn't it 40% off on GrabFood the last time we spoke? Now, take a 10 and total it up!

From today onwards, take this 50% DISCOUNT off your meals until 30th of June with a minimum spend of RM25.

Indulge in our sumptous appetisers, premium ramen and most of all - our irresistible, limited edition, seasonal Sapporo Miso Ramen!

Sapporo Miso

Perfectly seasoned chicken broth-based soup infused with more than three types of Japanese miso. Complemented by our homemade springy noodles, bathed in a combination of sweet corn, creamy butter and seaweed along with slices of slightly charred pork belly. ⁣

Available now on GrabFood at 50% off from 11am to 8pm daily.

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