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Ippudo Is Finally Here in Jaya One!

IPPUDO Jaya One is now here after months of endless preparation! We are located right opposite Tommy Thongchai at The Square 😎

This time around, we're doing something different. Firstly, your safety remains our utmost priority so we have launched a new QR Table Ordering concept to minimize contact amidst the pandemic. 

Apart from our usual Signature Ramen, our Jaya One outlet features a special menu aiming to simplify your dining experience and is made more affordable! To be precise, we’ve come up with exclusive combo meal sets which come with FOUR sides so you get a taste of everything we have to offer 🤤 You might be wondering if that’s too much to eat! Thus why we also introduced our Egao Ramen Set to cater for a smaller appetite :) 

FYI, Egao (pronounced as EH-GAH-OH) means smile in Japanese ☺️ because we believe in spreading ‘smiles’ & ‘arigatou’ through every bowl of Ramen. Do drop by to experience this gastronomic culture we've brought all the way from Japan with your pets! 🐶🐱 A dedicated area has been prepared for you and your fur babies for a lovely afternoon/evening date 💘


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