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Roll The Dice

Attention to our Penangites customers, drop by our Queensbay Mall and Gurney Plaza outlets to stand a chance to win yourself FREE RM50 Cash Vouchers or 50% OFF your favourite ramen. Read more below to learn how to play.


  1. To be eligible to play this game, firstly you will need to order any of our Special Ramens. To view our ramen options, kindly check out our Queensbay Mall and Gurney Plaza menus here:

  2. Our staff will provide you with 2 dices.

  3. If you manage to roll the dices which add up to:

  • Number 9

    • You will receive a FREE RM50 cash voucher!

  • Doubles

    • Enjoy 50% OFF any one of the special ramen you ordered

  • Odd Number

    • Enjoy our refreshing Japanese Goma Q at only half price (RM2.50)

  • Even Number

    • Pay your dishes at FULL price

Bring your friends and family over to our Penang outlets to play this limited-edition game today!

Only at IPPUDO Queensbay Mall and IPPUDO Gurney Plaza.

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